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MelissaS started this conversation
I'm 35 year old female and I need 6,000 to save two front teeth I have temporary crowns and was going to get forever braces and then my buildup and crown would be larger. I recently lost everything and my settlement money I was going to use for teeth went to hotel so please help me save them I'm scared and inneed my teeth for my career people judge a lot on appearance. I'm trying to start fresh. Looking for a job and get my diploma please help in my journey.
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Hi Melissa. I do not have any money to offer. But can offer a little support. Same here on the teeth; had an accident - what is it with Dental care and little to no coverage. Even if you had insurance and a job you would still have a substantial amount out of pocket. Good Luck! Will be in touch soon.
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champleve   in reply to littlegirllost
Yep! Me too. teeth problems. They do judge!
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I know exactly how u feel. My 2 front teeth were cracked by a parent years ago & they break off. I have never had dental work other than cleanings. I can find no help for anyone & my other tooth is falling out. People DO LOOK & JUDGE u by your appearance! If I find any places that help I will let u know.
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